KPI Plastic (M) Sdn Bhd is Malaysia’s top quality plastic bottles & container manufacturer and wholesaler. We feature one of the largest inventories of plastic bottles, jars, and containers available for the Agricultural, Pharmaceutical, Car Care, Cosmetics and Toiletries sectors, both domestically and abroad. 

Why choose us

50 Years


Founded in 1969, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in plastic bottles & containers for your brand's packaging needs.


With over 500 SKUs, we prides ourselves on delivering the bottle or container that you need, with the cap or closure you want.


With 10 machines from 50-160 tons of injection clamping
pressure and more than 15
blowing machines, we have
the capacity to deliver.


Silk-screen Printing

We provide in-house silk screen printing and have machines to produce lining on the cap skirts as well as UV silkscreen printing.

Our containers have many different neck sizes and finish to suit any manufacturing process. Our selection of wide-mouth plastic bottles and jars are easy to fill and available in various sizes. Each container can be fitted with a tight-sealing cap or closure in a variety of color choices. We manufacture and carry a wide selection of specialty caps and closures.

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Unsure of style or dimensions?

Our staff are happy to discuss and recommend the right plastic container style and size for your product.

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Volume Discount

This is designed to help customers placing large orders of plastic bottles and containers to receive special volume discounts.